UV Tattoos: A Growing, Glowing Trend

UV tattoos, or blacklight tattoos, are works completed using an ink which becomes visible under an ultraviolet light. UV tattoos are typically quite popular among those in the rave or club culture. Some prefer their tattoo to be completed entirely with UV ink, rendering the creation nearly undetectable in normal light yet glowing vividly under ultraviolet light. This is ideal for those whose employers, for example, do not allow any visible tattoos while on the clock. Others choose to only accent a tattoo completed using normal ink with UV tattoo ink, allowing their creation to be more dynamic depending on the light environment.

A few things to be aware of before taking the dive into UV tattoos:

  • Just like normal tattoos, UV tattoos fade and may discolor over time– especially when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Planning on accenting an existing regular tattoo with highlights of blacklight tattooing? Before doing so, be sure that the normal tattoo is completely healed before having the UV accents added.
  • UV tattoos may take longer to complete as the ink is thinner than typical tattoo ink.
  • Some people have had serious skin allergic reactions to the ingredients in blacklight tattoo ink. If you have sensitive skin or have had dermal reactions in the past, consider having a little test area completed before settling in for a full piece.
  • Do your research and find a tattoo artist who has worked extensively with UV ink. It’s a more difficult medium to work with and an experienced UV tattoo artist is key.


Blacklight Tattoos


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