Current Popular Tattoo Trends

Just like all other forms of art and design, tattoo content has trends– from hearts with “MOM” emblazoned across them to tribal bands encircling the upper arm, fads come and go. As tattooing has become more popular (and socially acceptable) across all genders, age groups, and cultures, and tattooing techniques continue to become more intricate the tattoo design options are absolutely endless. We’ve collected a number of what we believe to be the top designs trending in the tattoo world in order to share them with you below.

Arrow Tattoos


Arrows, specifically of the “bow and arrow” variety, have recently blasted onto the tattoo scene. Appearing on both men and women, the straight line and simplicity of the arrow is enormously appealing. They vary in size and weight, from thick arrow depictions to unbelievably delicate. Their long, lean design also makes it a prime tattoo for placement on the arm and even fingers.

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Geometric & Pattern Tattoos


Geometric designs as the whole piece or just a portion of a tattoo have become wildly popular in recent months. Most often achieve a three-dimensional visual feel due to ingenious color choices and spot-on lines. Who ever thought you’d regret skipping Geometry class in middle school??

Patterned tattoos have a very wide range of themes, from delicate lacy cuffs to giant checkered designs. Like geometric tattoos, tattoo artists can make patterned tattoos look as if they’re leaping off the body.

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Fox Tattoos


The fox is one of the most searched for tattoo ideas online at the moment. The majority of fox tattoos posted on the web depict more fairy-tale creatures rather than realistic critters. The popularity of the fox tattoo could be owed to its slender, beautiful form or its sneaky, trickster personality– it’s hard to say. The sudden rise in fox tattoo frequency is definitely worth taking note.

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Diamond Tattoos


The geometric diamond design has become increasingly popular over the past number of years, especially in clothing design and the tattoo industry. It’s straight lines and simple form show well on both men and women, and compliment nearly any placement on the body. Ranging in size from dainty small rocks to enormous gems spanning an entire back, diamond tattoos are all the rage at the moment.

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Deer Tattoos



Deer tattoos have been a popular for some time, though have recently seen a large resurgence among the younger crowd. Ranging from cartoonish to comical to jaw-droppingly gorgeous, the deer tattoo has many faces. One especially notable portion of the design are the antlers, which tattoo artists seem to particularly enjoy weaving into anything from tree branches to firearms.

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