5 Tattoo Mistakes To Never Make

Tattoos are fun, unique, and everlasting pieces of art you commission for your body. So why make one of these 5 common tattoo mistakes that could ruin your ink or even make you detest your tattoo over time? If you’re considering getting a new tat in the near future, you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re considering all facets of the process.


#1. Research tattoo artists in your area:




Most tattoo parlors and artists have their portfolio online so you can see samples of their work. Every artists is not created equalРone may specialize more in portraits and another may be better at shading. Once you know what kind of tattoo you want, choose an artist that can do your body art justice. 


#2. Reconsider that name tattoo:




Tattooing the name of your child on yourself, for example, is lovely! But the name of the chick you just met last week at the show? Not so much. Remember that tattoos are life long commitments, unless getting fried with a laser is sort of your thing. Want to commemorate someone on your body but not 100% sure they’ll be by your side for the long run? Get a symbolic tattoo instead! Like a star for that guy you’re totally in love with right now because you stargazed on your first date, or a sparrow for the time you went skydiving with your new best friend. Even if that person doesn’t stick around, you’ll still have immortalized a beautiful memory on your body instead of “Ralph 4 Eva”.


#3. Take good care of your new tattoo:




Not only will proper care the first few weeks your tattoo is healing prolong the artwork’s vibrancy and beauty, but it will also ensure you don’t get sick as well. Tattoos are typically very safe these days, but they are technically open wounds. Open wounds should be carefully tended until they heal to prevent any infections. For more detailed instructions on proper tattoo care, check out our previous blog post “How to Care for New Tattoos“.


#4. Carefully consider your tattoo placement:





It’s awesome that tattoos are so widely accepted in today’s world! Even 15 years ago, piercings or tattoos could slam the door in your face in regards to certain career paths. But just because tattoos are more commonplace now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider your tattoo’s placement. Many people choose to position tattoos on their body where they can easily cover it up should they want to. Think of job interviews, weddings, meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time — there could be some situations where having a sexy pin up girl on your neck may be less-than-ideal.


#5. Create an original tattoo design:




Most tattoo shops have a binder or wall-mounted portfolios featuring hundreds of tattoo ideas. These can be amazing for inspiring tattoos, but remember that you’re in charge of the design. Why pick a butterfly off of the wall when you ¬†could work with your tattoo artist to create an entirely unique, special butterfly design? You’ll be admiring this ink on yourself for the rest of your life– make it something meaningful and special!


We hope at least one of these tips to avoid tattoo disaster strikes a chord with you, and if you have any other tips on avoiding common tattoo mistakes let us know in the comments section below!

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