10 Terrible Celebrity Tattoos You Can’t Miss

Most celebrities– actors and singers, especially– train and fight and work tirelessly for years to reach real stardom; watching their diets, working out daily, and hiring stylists to sculpt the perfect wardrobe. That being said, it boggles the mind when celebrities ink themselves with seemingly frivolous and poorly-done tattoos. Additionally, one would think that figures with such grand wealth would at least find a talented tattoo artist, as location and pricing is of no importance.

From Stephen Baldwin’s Hannah Montana tattoo to Lindsay Lohan’s less-than-stellar ink to Mark Wahlberg’s Mark Wahlberg tattoo (…seriously?), it’s hard to believe that individuals so often caught in the spotlight would choose such uninspired subjects.

On the other hand, Justin Bieber, for example, is hastily slapping as many tattoos on his body as he can, as FAST as he can. Could it be the recently-of-age young man has finally discovered body art? Or could it be that he’s desperately trying to fit some new edgy image? Either way, someone should tell him to quit half-heartedly picking stock tattoos out of the laminated binder.

We completely understand that every person’s tattoo has a story and a purpose– what may seem ridiculous to one, may be a life-affirming reminder, a memorial to a dear friend, or an inside joke. And of course we love the occasional, “What the what??” tattoo. All we ask is that if you should one day become a brilliant, wealthy star, PLEASE for the love of god re-think your “Billy Bob” dragon tattoo!

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