10 Beautiful Tattoo Designs You Have to See

Okay, we’ll be the first to say it’s impossible to narrow down all beautiful tattoo art to only 10 spots– there are just far too many incredibly talented ink artists and equally creative clients. But, in an attempt to highlight some of the most stunning pieces we’ve seen, we’ve chosen 10 pieces of artwork that stopped us in our tracks. Some are rather small pieces while some are on a grander level, yet all exhibit the masterful abilities of the tattoo artists.

From the crisp lines of the tree branches to the dreamy shading of the dancing woman, the artful execution of ink into skin is awe-inspiring. Beyond the actual application of the tattoo, the subject material and designs are stunning. For example, the illustrated owl’s feathers are so sharp one could almost imagine running their finger over the frilled ridge above his beak. The impeccable placement of the various flowers, butterflies, and berries to create a whimsical skull is astounding. And the use of color and texture make it look as if her skin is truly peeling and flaking away like old plaster, revealing a blue heaven replete with fluffy white clouds.

Whether you agree our featured tattoos display some of the most beautiful subjects and workmanship available on the net or find yourself favoring a different tattoo aesthetic (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?), we hope you at least were able to appreciate these fine examples of beautiful tattoos. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check back in regularly for more must-see tattoos and tattoo-related articles!

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